Weaboo Protection Chamber
Frank hiding in the Protection Chamber
Vital statistics
Type Disaster Shelter
Level Unknown
Location Realm 900
Inhabitants None
Quick, to the Weeaboo Protection Chamber!
- Filthy Frank seeks refuge from the Weeaboos

The Weeaboo Protection Chamber is a mysterious area in Realm 900 of use to people seeking shelter from horrendous weeaboos pretending to be Japanese. The realm is visited by Filthy Frank himself after his rant about weeaboos lures Weeaboo Jones to him.

Once upon a time, Realm 900 was a popular realm, and housed the people of Lil B. When the dark lord Chin-Chin began his hunt for chromosomes, he summoned wees and boos to mate, creating an evil race of cancerous mistakes: weeaboos. They soon took over the realm, forcing the residents to seek shelter in a chamber of protection. While the weeaboos quickly moved to another realm, searching for their one true waifu, some of the residents that were too afraid to move to Realm 6.2 stayed inside the safe walls of the Chamber and starved to death. Now, Realm 900 is a cold, forgotten, empty place, forever frozen in time (-40.000 CH) and is Frank's last resort. It is currently unknown how Weeaboo Jones could penetrate the defenses unharmed

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